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7th April 2015

Assalamualaikum and hye. It's been a long time since last I updated my last entry. Tbh, now I'm not more to social websites anymore. Even my twitter, I rarely update it right now. Maybe because my age already reach 20+ now. So I've no longer feel the importance of online such as facebook and twitter anymore. By the way, on 7th April 2015, finally I got my first job after it have been months since I finish my diploma tho I'm still not having my convocation yet. I'm really thankful that all of my colleagues is soooooooooo friendly and nice even I'm not really friendly with them. Idk how to be friendly when I just knew them. It will takes time to make me feel comfortable with them. Idk why I don't like being an adult. It's just make me feel anxious and worried many things about my life especially MONEY. How I wish I can be a little kid again. hahaha but i know it's impossible to happen. hahaha